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PolarCatalyst is a crowd-funding platform created by the Students on Ice Foundation to support initiatives that benefit the Polar Regions and initiatives from Students on Ice alumni.

PolarCatalyst is open for use by any person or organization that would like to raise funds for an initiative, project or program that benefits the Polar Regions.

You can submit your proposal by completing the form below. Your submission will be reviewed by Students on Ice staff. Please complete as many fields as possible, so that your project can be properly evaluated and understood. Be sure to include contact information so that we can be in touch if there are questions.

  • Who is leading the project? (~50 words)
  • Summarize the goal of this fundraiser. (~50 words)
  • What inspired you to solve this problem, and how will you do it? (~150 words)
  • Can include a project timeline, rough budget, and other possible partners. (~100 words, point form)
  • What are the objectives of the project? (~100 words, point form)
  • Please enter a value between 0 and 1000000.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.