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Introducing rural youth to the concepts of entrepreneurship

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Work For Home

The Vision

The goal of this fundraiser is to provide Work For Home with enough working capital to run our initial workshop programming. Travel to the communities we are targeting for this project (isolated, rural communities in northern and coastal Canada) is expensive and would need to be secured before the project can get off the ground. Additional costs such as workshop supplies and educational materials would also be funded through this fundraiser. In addition to this fundraiser we are also interested in speaking with potential corporate travel sponsors.

The Team

Founder – Kristine O’Rielly (Students on Ice Alumni, Arctic 2013) 

Kristine O’Rielly is from the isolated fishing community of St. Brendan’s, NL. After finishing a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2013 Kristine was given the incredible opportunity to visit Greenland and the Eastern Canadian Arctic as a student chaperone with Students on Ice. It renewed in her a sense of urgency to protect the most vulnerable spaces, communities, and cultures on this planet. Having been exposed to the ideas and culture of the “start-up” world for the past 3 years, Kristine decided to combine her passion for rural communities and entrepreneurship into a new endeavor: The Work For Home Project.

The Background

I’m originally from an isolated fishing community off Newfoundland’s north east coast. Faced with uncertain career prospects and economic futures, those of us who grow up in isolated, rural communities often come to the same sad, but unexpected, decision early: to be successful we must leave. Working at a technology accelerator for the past 3 years has gotten me thinking about the world of entrepreneurship and the role it needs to play in keeping our rural communities viable. The goal of the Work For Home project is to introduce rural youth to the concepts of entrepreneurship as a viable option that can allow them to work and live in their home communities. Work For Home will provide the tools and materials to get youth up and running with their ideas, offer on-going mentorship, and deliver hands-on workshops within communities and schools.

The Rollout

  • May-August 2018: Develop workshop content/materials
  • July-November 2018: Build relationships with rural schools and communities; begin scheduling workshops as part of a “tour”
  • November-March 2019: Organize logistics – travel, accommodations to/in communities; if local entrepreneurs are available work to develop case studies as part of workshop
  • April-June 2019: Workshop delivery and community visits

The Impact

Through the Work For Home Project it is hoped that rural youth can see the value that their communities can provide – economically, culturally, and creatively. Rural communities have so much to offer. If we can inspire the next generation of rural youth to fight for the places they call home and to establish thriving businesses and ventures right in their own backyards then we have a shot at creating sustainable communities.


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